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Collecting payment through patient portal increases patient satisfaction


Patient portal increase patient satisfaction in many ways. Patient portals have many benefits including access to patient data, something that is extremely valuable to patients. But it does not stop there, and the many tools are significant drivers of patient loyalty.


For instance, collecting payment through a patient portal and allowing patients to make payments online has shown to increase patient satisfaction. In fact, patients are more likely to choose a different health provider if they can’t enable them to pay their medical bills online.


If your billing staff is only available to take payments over the phone during regular business hours, this limits when patients can call to pay their medical bills. It causes an inconvenience. Being able to collect payment online increases not only patient financial responsibility but also patient experience.


Collecting payment online can considerably improve the patient experience. By making bill paying more convenient, It can significantly have a positive impact on patients but especially those who work during normal business hours.


Patients see the benefits of digital bill pay tool and are demanding access to them. It is important to note that this can, in turn, supports patient financial responsibility and revenue cycle.


According to a 2017 report, 80 percent of patients want digital bill pay from their providers. In fact, most patients want to at least pay their bills via an online portal, while 68 percent also want digitized bill payments inside the clinician office.

How to get started?


Consider implementing a practice management solution that includes a patient portal with digital bill pay tools.


Through a patient portal solution, patients will have the option to view payment history, set up payment plans, and save payment information for future payments.


They will also be able to submit claims electronically, track claim status for payment dates and verify insurance eligibility. Having these options and features on your patient portal appeals to the needs and preferences of patients, leading to a positive online payment experience.


Aside from offering the option for online payments and claims is not always enough to get patients to use this method. It is recommended you increase patient awareness about these digital payment tools, ensuring they know where and how to pay online.  


A 2017 survey revealed that 70 percent of patients preferred an electronic method to paper billing.


By allowing patients to log in to patient portals and pay their medical bills at their convenience, you also let them take responsibility for their healthcare costs. A patient portal with this capability will improve patient satisfaction by streamlining bill pay, making the process more convenient as we previously mentioned.

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