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PatientClick Advances Scribe Interface


Quality patient care, effective communications, and efficient documentation: these are the hallmarks of healthcare moving into the 21st Century.  As web-based technology consistently strives to offer better efficiency in the ‘cloud’ of competitors, PatientClick® continues to offer its users a reliable and proficient EHR product.  Among these tools of paperless transition are customizable features that allow healthcare providers to easily document their most discreet data.

Since all of its features are web-based they easily interface with your current software.  Even the earliest EHR technologies have been streamlined to assure that your documents continue to remain safely within the confines of your operational access and remain compliant with federal guidelines.

The Scribe transcription user interface is among the most important advances in PatientClick®’s EHR package that minimizes costly errors in verbal-to-data transmissions and that frees up staff operation time.  Now physicians can confidently spend more of their time providing quality healthcare, while experiencing a smooth transition to electronic technology.

In addition, PatientClick®’s intuitive templates empower users to easily input, access and manage data, and create notes in standard text. The templates can be fully tailored to your needs.  The Patient Portal keeps real-time communications available over the internet for patients to use for time-sensitive information such as follow-up visits, appointment scheduling, and requests for prescription refills.

These features are just a few of the services that are available to healthcare practices to fully manage your office, no matter the size and specialty. Affordability, around-the-clock customer support and performance certification, PatientClick® has designed and refined a comprehensive solution to the ever-changing pace of technological advances in healthcare documentation.  Its innovative features in EHR management securely and sustainably administer to both practitioners and consumers alike.

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