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PatientClick Commits to National Blue Button Initiative


"Empowering patients to take an active role in their own healthcare is an important key to improving our healthcare system. Blue Button enables patients to do just that in a simple and secure setting. PatientClick EHR is looking forward to being a part of this revolutionary system," says Vish Mehta, President of PatientClick EHR, a web-based electronic health record system that helps clinics focus on patient care by streamlining clinical documentation.

The project is launched as part of President Obama's initiative.  The Blue Button initiative will allow patients to get secure electronic access to health information on the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services new website. The initiative states, "a patient is provided with a highly visible, clickable button to download his or her medical records in digital form from a secure website offered by their doctors, insurers, pharmacies or other health-related service". People can log into this secure website to view and have the option to download their health information, so they can examine it, check it, and share it with their doctors and others as they see fit. The Blue Button download capability is a tool that can help individuals get access to their information so they can more effectively participate in and manage their health.

PatientClick's senior management also believes that the Blue Button project will help providers as well as patients to keep track of clinical information and allow them to engage in care.  The Blue Button Initiative is certainly a "Game Changer" for the Healthcare Delivery model.

Blue Button Project:

The Blue Button is a simple idea with potential for big impacts. The concept came about from the idea that people should be able to access and download their own health information.  For more information visit

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