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TeleMedicine Is not just a Video Conference


The Internet of Things Deploys Smart Devices

Rather than just talking to patients, physicians can access electronic health record (EHR) data to review history, adverse drug reactions, and mental health status information. You can also capture medical data, such as temperature, BP values and heart rate during medical encounters, providing the patient has connected devices. You can also gather information about the computers and devices used during the virtual appointment.

Documentation & Video Records

We've all heard the old adage, “If it isn't recorded, it didn't happen.” With digital insurance filing and e-prescribing technology, supporting documentation is essential for proper reimbursements and dispensing accuracy. Recording the online visit automatically captures necessary information about who joined the meeting, the date, time and length of the conference, any prescriptions ordered, and the details of treatment plans or at home instructions for self-care.

Real-time documentation allows providers to update chart notes within the EHR, document orders and ensure the file is complete, facilitating comprehensive continuity of care.

Secure, HIPPA-Compliant, Web-Based Telemedicine Solutions

Convenience should never override security. Telemedicine solutions for doctors and patients are fully encrypted and HIPPA compliant. Rigorous security within the EHR and conferencing technology protect privacy and patient privilege.

Web-based medical encounters offer physicians opportunities to expand office hours while treating patients who cannot, or prefer not to, travel for a traditional office visit. And, all of this convenience and accuracy comes with rigorous security features the doctor and patient-consumers can trust.

 - Ash Mehta, MBA is the current CEO at PatientClick, Inc.

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