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Text messaging appointment reminders reduce no-show, increase patient engagement


No-shows can be costly to healthcare organizations. On average, an open and unused time slot costs a physician 60 minutes and $200. No-shows cost the health care system more than $150 billion annually, and even though there are so many high-tech, digital reminders at our disposal, this expensive problem still exists.

We know that appointment reminder have a significant impact on no-show rates but are we using the right methods to engage with our patients are prevent no-shows? The answer is no.

Long gone are the days of phone calls and emails. Text messaging appointment reminders are the preferred method for consumers. In fact, A recent survey found that 53 percent of respondents prefer receiving notifications via text rather than emails such as appointment reminders and prescription updates.  

Text messaging appointment reminders are a great way of capturing revenue and increasing patient satisfaction without straining office staff. There are a few things you must take into consideration before implementing text messaging reminders in your practice.

We have listed a few tips on how to use text reminders for your practice, that will improve your patient engagement and satisfaction.


  • Send appointment reminders based on appointment type.

It is crucial that you can customize your text message reminders based on the type of appointment. Whether is for them to schedule another annual check-up or a lab test with specific instructions, it will make it easier for your patient to remember.

  • Use the geolocation feature

If your appointment reminder provider has this feature, make good use of it. This feature could become a lifesaver for patients who have busy schedules. This location-based ability allows you to set up reminder alerts to go off at a specific place. For example, if a patient has a doctor’s appointment right after work, the remainder could be set up to go off at that time to remind the patient of their appointment.

  • Mobile push notifications through a medical app

If your patient portal has an app as an option to download, it will be significant to be able to activate push notifications through the app for patient reminders. Nowadays, many people do everything on their phone, including grocery shopping. It is essential to give your patient the option of being notified through a downloadable medical app.

  • Use your text messaging reminders for other purposes

Text messages never go ignored. In fact, 1 percent of all text messages go unread. It could mean a huge win for your practice in many ways other than reminder your patients about their appointments.

You could use text reminders to notify patients when their prescriptions are available, or when they would need a refill, when they are due for another checkup, to alert of test results, or monitor those with severe conditions. You could use this method to promote upcoming special or price promotions.

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