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Top 10 Reasons Why Patients Like Virtual Visit


While physicians often embrace telemedicine as a revenue stream management device, patients are reaping the benefits, too.

Here Are The Top Ten Reasons Patients Love Virtual Medical Encounters

1. Quicker access to the doctor. Instead of taking time off work, driving through traffic and waiting in queue, patients can literally reach their physician in a matter of seconds via web-connected telemedicine technology.

2. 24-hour, on-demand service means convenient scheduling for minor issues and maintenance medication refills. Plus, available technology is fully-compatible with iPads and other mobile devices.

3. Physicians combine telemedicine protocol and EHR e-prescribing functionality to help patients get their medication faster.

4. Patients appreciate web-connected monitoring devices that capture vital statistics.

5. It improves patient adherence. Chat-features invite reduce age-related hearing and speech barriers.

6. EHR systems provide instant access to the complete medical record. Seamless integration and interoperability allow teleradiologists to provide interpretation of recent scans and x-rays directly into the EHR. Complex medical problems can often be evaluated with one virtual session instead of multiple in-person medical encounters.

7. It's easy to explain health changes. For example, patients can take photos of moles, sores or other dermatological issues that are changing rapidly and send them to their doctor. During the virtual visit the physician can compare the photos and real-time appearance.

8. Now that more doctors use EHRs and advanced technology like PatientClick that makes access simple and secure, appointments can take place anywhere – from the home, the office, or any place that a patient feels comfortable.

9. When the primary physician is away from the office for an extended period, he or she can share patient files with other doctor – within HIPAA guidelines. This personal hand-off builds confidence that patients will receive the same quality of care from a stand-in virtual provider.

10. Web-based medical encounters remove barriers of time, space and geography. Patients who live in rural Nevada can get quality care from a specialist in New York or Minnesota with no travel expense, often at a lower cost. Speaking of saving money, face-to-face visits typically cost between $75 and $100, compared to around $45 for a virtual visit.

There are other reasons that more and more patients are embracing EHR supported virtual medical encounters, and today more insurance companies require, or recommend, a virtual visit for non-emergency care in place of traditional office visits. Need more information about planning and implementing a telemedicine program? Send us a secure message to schedule a consultation today.

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