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Meaningful Use Ready

Stay compliant with constantly changing healthcare field. Our industry experts will constantly update with you with changes.


Ready forICD-10

Expert guidance with ICD-9 to ICD-10 migration.


Key Features :
Physician Friendly EHR
Our solutions are designed to be as easy as possible for the practitioner to use, to reduce data entry, and to consume as little of their time as possible. It is also designed to provide practitioners with the information they want, when and where they want it, from Meaningful Use data to patient information, to financial graphs/reports.
If a medical office solution isn’t easy to use it causes stress for the staff and things in a medical office don’t run as efficiently and effectively as they can. PatientClick EHR, HER + Practice Management, Telemedicine, and Medical Billing Solutions are designed to be very easy-to-use, easy-to-learn, have the capability for seamless integration, and are modular so they can be customized to your needs and work flow.
Our solutions are HIPAA compliant and eliminate the risks of storing patient data at your location. As a secure cloud-based solution the patient information is all stored in a secure facility with access only available through SSL (secure) web browser connections. What patient information is available is further protected by individual or group permissions restricting access to particular parts of the data.
Practices/clinics/specialties differ in how they handle the work flow. Because of how PatientClick solutions are built, we have customized our solutions to fit practices’ work flow. With a modular construction we can modify our solutions for specialties (psychiatry, orthopaedic, etc.), solo practice, or multiple location group practices. And we have existing templates for most specialties from existing clients that can be used or modified … or we can use your format.
SaaS Solution
Software-as-a-Service (Saas) which is on a web-based platform (cloud), provides security, very-low initial and on-going investment, and the software is constantly updated at no added cost to the subscriber. SaaS provides flexibility to access from anywhere with internet access, at any time, and on any platform that has a browser including Windows, MacOS X, iOS, Android, and Windows PC.
Unlimited Lab Interfaces
The lab interface streamlines the test ordering as well as the record keeping processes. Physicians and hospitals receive the results electronically which automatically populates the EMR so that providers can more easily manage treatment.

We will write unlimited lab interfaces for your practice for no charge. Other vendors charge $5,000+ per lab interface.
Online Forms
We convert your practice current forms to a digital format so they are accessible to your patients to fill-out online.
Quick Chart Notes
Our system provides over 9 different ways to create chart notes within PatientClick EHR.
Encounter Notes
The Encounter Notes interface is simple and easy-to-use. This customizable PatientClick module allows physicians to create encounter notes in multiple ways tailored to their unique needs. The efficient encounter notes module also saves time with one-click replication of the patient's last prescription and notes.
Patient Education
Physicians can customize patient education material and print along with follow-up care instructions which can be provided to patients. The information is also available to the patient through the Patient Portal.
Patient Portal
The Patient Portal allows patients to communicate with the physicians and access important information over the internet. Patients can use the patient portal to schedule appointments, request prescription refills, view health records as well as send messages to the physician.

For physicians, the Patient Portal facilitates communication with patients and provides one-click access to patient records and encounter notes.
PatientClick has a standard transcription/dictation module to improve physician productivity. It can export dictation and import transcription which can then be quickly reviewed. With the transcription easily at hand doctors can quickly build encounter reports and other medical documentation and correspondence. Dragon Certified.
With PatientClickTM eRx, physicians can fill prescriptions electronically, eliminating the risk of incorrectly filled prescriptions due to handwritten errors, increasing patient safety. Drug interaction checking is done at time of prescribing to eliminate adverse medication events utilizing drug-to-drug, drug-to-allergy and drug-to-food checking.

PatientClickTM eRx qualifies physicians' practices for Medicare/Medicaid incentive payments.
PatientClick's electronic health data exchange, facilitates interoperability and is critical in connecting various providers and patients. Certified to use both Continuity of Care Document (CCD) and Clinical Document Architecture (CDA) standards PatientClick is able to securely exchange patient health information within the medical community.
Images and Documents
The Image and Document Management module supports image types including JPG, TIF, GIF, BMP, PDF and Word documents. Printed documents as well as clinical images can be easily scanned and imported directly into the patient chart without any disruption to the workflow.
Custom Reporting
Easily run reports on your patient data based on a particular diagnosis, laboratory test results, ICD Codes, prescription or any other patient details.

PatientClick™ has customizable reports which can be used to create more than 1000 different type of reports depending on the type of information for which a report needs to be generated.
Medical Billing
With the Medical Billing capability, users submit claims electronically, interface with clearinghouses, track claim status for payment determination and dates. This module also allows for users to verify insurance eligibility upon patient check-in.

Track all the primary and secondary electronic claims as well as manage payment reconciliation for both hospitals and physicians. PatientClick's medical billing module aims at improving the workflow and as well as increasing the acceptance rate.
Specialities Served :
Case Studies
Conversion from Paper
Learn how a complete paper-based practice was turned around by using PatientClick EHR. Physician is happy to see increased communication not only with patients but with their internal staff as well, which resulted in better productivity. Call us today on 1-877-901-9990 to get full case study.

Neurology EHR / Neurology Telemedicine (Teleneurology)


Neurologists are rare and valuable, and your time is precious. Why not use a complete EHR / Practice Management solution that is easy-to-use and makes efficient and effective use of your, and your staff's time? Plus, you can expand your reach with neurology telemedicine (or teleneurology) which allows you to use your rare skills to help more people without wasting your time with unnecessary travel.


Neurologists need an electronic health records solution that doesn't waste their time, and works the way they work ... adaptable to the neurology office work flow. Don't you agree?


PatientClick® Neurology EHR Features include:


PatientClick® Imaging Compatibility


Compatibile with

  • electroencephalograpy (EEG)
  • computed tomography (CT)
  • magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)
  • and others


PatientClick® EHR Easy Encounter Notes

With PatientClick® EHR, physicians create reports or letters using Dragon Medical™ transcription, or handwriting recognition, or by keyboard entry and without having to perform any additional steps, have that text flow directly into the appropriate corresponding fields in the patient’s record, automatically in one pass!

A function that has been a persistent nuisance with EHRs - getting text for reports and letters smartly into the appropriate fields within the EHR - is solved by PatientClick® EHR as a built-in capability within the EHR.


Other PatientClick Neurology Specific features

  • ICD/CPT codes specific to neurology
  • Drug dosage calculator


Neurology Specific Templates

With templates specific to Neurology, the patient encounter is simplified covering, among other things:

  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • EMG - Nerve Conduction Study
  • Epilepsy
  • Headache
  • Seizures
  • Strokes
  • Vertigo
  • Consultation Neurology
  • Follow-up Note - Neurology
  • Progress Note - Neurology
  • SOAP - Neurology
  • and more


The Neurologist can quickly invoke “favorites” depending on the patient’s medical condition, process the encounter, store the data, order labs, and transmit prescriptions electronically. PatientClick EHR can handle Neurology-related E / M coding, helping to prevent over-coding and under-coding.


PatientClick® EHR On-Image Notes

Images can be stored on the patient’s record for quick recall with handwriting recognition enabling notations directly onto the images. The handwriting recognition capability can be used to input notes on the patient’s record, and voice dictation is also available, eliminating costly and time consuming outside transcription.


PatientClick® EHR Patient Portal

PatientClick® Patient Portal allows for Neurology practices to connect themselves with their patients, and vice versa, securely. The Patient Portal gives patients the ability to do much of their own work themselves, 24x7x365 using secure internet connectivity.

PatientClick Patient Portal allows patients to schedule appointments, reviewing medical or financial data, complete forms and questionnaires online, read patient specific education material, securely exchange messages with the office and more. PatientClick® Patient Portal is a dynamic patient-empowering tool that streamlines the workflow which creates efficiencies.


PatientClick® Meaningful Use

The Meaningful Use Report helps the practice’s eligible professionals obtain their Stimulus Act incentives while they provide quality medical care to your patients. PatientClick® EHR is a comprehensive solution for automating the medical and clinical sides of Neurology practices of any size and scope.


PatientClick® EHR Practice Management

PatientClick® Practice Management solution is ideal for Neurology practices that are also interested in best-in-class Practice Management for Neurology EDI / Billing / Patient Statements, Scheduling, Reports, A / R, Collections, and Patient Demographics.


PatientClick® All-in-one or Standalone

PatientClick® EHR / Practice Management / Telemedicine solutions operate as a fully integrated, single solution or can be available separately. They are available via a secure (HIPAA Compliant), cloud-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS).


PatientClick Telemedicine

4 Conditions that can be benefited by Teleneurology


Epilepsy - Telemedicine can be used to adjust medications, discuss symptom progression, and for the review of diagnostic imaging results and blood work, reducing trips to the office for epileptic patients.


Neuropathy – Telemedicine can be used to give lifestyle counseling to help limit the disease progression and for adjusting medications like antidepressants, antiepileptics and cannabis.


Multiple sclerosis - Frequent monitoring of patients progression is essential and can be done effectively over telemedicine. Medications prescribed can have serious side-effects. Face-to-face interaction which patients desire, can be done via Telemedicine, while reviewing liver and blood tests or offering emotional counseling.


Parkinson’s disease – Telemedicine can be used to manage therapies involving the use of Levodopa or dopamine agonsists to help control motor. Telemedicine can also be used by neurologists to counsel patients on dietary changes, exercise adjustments, and palliative care.


"... much of the diagnosis involves watching how the patient walks, how they move, observing the kind of tremor or involuntarily movements the patient has. You can easily do that on video. So conditions like multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s disease may lend themselves to that. In some neurological areas, such as headaches and most kinds of pain as well as epilepsy, the patient is usually normal and unremarkable in appearance at the time they are evaluated. Since ancient time, the evaluation has consisted most of patient’s description of what the symptoms have been at other times. There is no reason that couldn’t be done by some telephonic/computerized/video means." "... an MRI to be done at a local hospital and interpreted by a tertiary specialist at a center far away. That’s another neurological area where telehealth may prove to be helpful."- Dr. Miles E. Drake M.D. (


Using secure audio/video connections with integrated EHR, Telemedicine is a way to improve effective and efficient usage of your rare skills and time.


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